The Master-Disciple Relationship in Music

Peter Hammill & Van Der Graaf Generator /
Claudio Milano (NichelOdeon/InSonar)

"Maledetti Poeti"

The 4 acts theatrical radioshow broadcasting on Federico Fusj's

from an idea by Stefano Giannotti (OTEME)

Celebrating Peter Hammill's forthcoming album "In Translation" out on May 7h 2021 for Fie!

Much more than a radio broadcast, a creative act tout court and therefore an act of courage, with humility, devotion and insolence enough to be able to say oneself authentically free.

Dozens of recordings in 4 acts, every Monday in April 2021 to include unreleased, remasters, out of stock music.

Each introduction was recorded between October 2020 and March 2021 and with low fi means as a performative act to include acting, singing, underground radio speaking, between irony, satire, confession, drama, pure intuition.

In short, what is present here is not elsewhere and never to the same extent.

Throwing Light on your Shadow
Broadcasting the Life
The Declaration of Non Belonging to any Music Field
Thinking only of the Present as the farthest Future with the awareness of the Past ("In a minute there is time / For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse" T. S. Eliot)

Claudio Milano

On this radio show you will listen to Peter Hammill and Van Der Graaf Generator as well as Claudio Milano (NichelOdeon / InSonar and Relatives) music. And the cost makes it worth it: IT'S FREE ...and your listening is already a precious present. But whoever leaves an offering will not be subject to any divine curse.



Episode 01

broadcasted on Monday April 5th 2021, 8.40 PM (Italian time)
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Prologue "Cursed Poets - AMEN" + Introduction + Peter Hammill and The K Group: "The Jargon King" live 1983 + This Order: "Variations on The Jargon King" lyrics by Peter Hammill (2019) unreleased
timing: 00 to 00.13.05

Prologue "Cursed Poets - AMEN" + Introduction + Peter Hammill and The K Group: "The Jargon King" live 1983 + This Order: "Variations on The Jargon King" lyrics by Peter Hammill (2019) unreleased
timing: 00 to 00.13.05

Introduction + Peter Hammill: "This Side of the Looking Glass" 1984 version + NichelOdeon: "This Side of the Looking Glass" (Peter Hammill) 2013
Timing: 00.13.05 to 00.27.53

Introduction + Peter Hammill: "Refugees" live in Basel 1973 unreleased + NichelOdeon: "Fiaba" 2010
Timing: 00.27.53 to 00.40.10

Introduction including recitarcantando "Still Life" and "No More I Love You's" (Freeman/Hughes) + Peter Hammill: "Still Life" live in Amsterdam 1988 unreleased + NichelOdeon: "Ciò che Rimane" 2010 remaster 2020
Timing: 00.40.10 to 01.02.26

Introduction + Peter Hammill Trio: "Modern" live in Wien 1990 unreleased + This Order and Coucou Sèlavy: "Ho Gettato Mio Figlio da una Rupe perché non Somigliava a Fabrizio Corona" (2019) unreleased
Timing: 01.02.26 to 01.27.42

Introduction "Diffractions" + Robert Fripp feat Peter Hammill: "Disengage" 1979 (original lp edition) + Maisie feat. Claudio Milano: "Ruderi e Macerie #3" 2018
Timing: 01.27.42 to 01.38.46

Introduction "Alarms in My Mind" + Peter Hammill: "Scissors" (2012) + NichelOdeon: "Terra" (2013)
Timing: 01.38.46 to 01.50.06

Introduction + Peter Hammill: "Fogwalking" (1980) remastered from vinyl + NichelOdeon/InSonar: "Marinaio" (2014)
Timing: 01.50.06 to 02.03.40

Introduction including recitarcantando "The Mercy" + Peter Hammill: "The Mercy" (2009) + Claudio Milano: "La Torre più Alta" (2006)
Timing: 02.03.40 to 02.18.16

Introduction "Dear Old Middle-Europe" including "Lascia ch'Io pianga" (G. F. Haendel) + Peter Hammill: "Easy to Slip Away" live BBC 1973 unreleased + Claudio Milano: "Europa che Muore" (Jaques Brel, Boris Vian, Rouget, Luigi Tenco) 2004
Timing: 02.18.16 to 02.27.09

Intro + Peter Hammill: Medley "In The End/A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers/The Sleepwalkers" live in Kansas 1978 unreleased + NichelOdeon and Relatives: "Europa che è Morta" (G. Mameli, H. Pagani, J. Brel, L. Ferré, I. Fossati, F. De André, L.Tenco, C. Dumont) - 2020 unreleased
Timing: 02.27.09 to 02.51.59

These Radio Broadcasts are NOT FOR SALE and are NOT DOWNLOADABLE. All copyrights are considered for every complete or partial transmission on air in respect of the artists, producers and companies involved.

Photos are taken from Peter Hammill (or) NichelOdeon's last live acts (November 23th 2019 - August 9th 2020 - thanks to The Top of the World Club and Retake Milano in the person of Marco Filatori)

No recordings by Peter Hammill, Van Der Graaf Generator or artists featured on the radio show will be given in any way.