"Support my present and future music projects"

Choose your prize

  • You can ask me for one of my albums in lossless (flac or wav) or mp3 (320kbps) formats from my own discography.
  • You will get a portrait... yours, of a single artist you love or whoever you will choose (pencil on paper or mixed media and after sending a pic in high definition to nichelodeon@gmail.com). Each portrait (numbered and signed) will be made on the back of cardboard beer coasters collected over ten years, or on request, on normal cardboard.
  • You will get my entire audio / videography updated to April 2021 (unpublished and reported on this site, collaborations included) in digital format.

This sale will be handled by a human being, so don't worry if you don't get any automatic email confirming your purchase.

For any enquiry please write to

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